It’s not very often that a singer celebrates over 50 years in the music business, but then Cliff Richards is something of a unique success story. Born in India in 1940 as Harry Rodger Webb, he came to England in 1948, and soon discovered a love of performing, Rock and Roll, and the legendary Elvis Presley while at school.

‘Cliff Richards’ was born thanks to a deed poll name change in 1958, which was also the year Cliff released his first single, which reached number 2 in the charts. The early years of his career saw several more single releases, including ‘Living Doll’, which reached number 1, and is one of his best known hits. In the late 50’s and early 60’s Cliff also made his TV and film debuts, early hints that there was more to him than just singing songs.

Cliff’s TV work has included The Cliff Richards Show, which ran in the 1960’s, which saw the introduction of Cliff’s backing band The Shadows. This band, featuring acclaimed guitarist Hank Marvin, went on to tour and record with Cliff in the early stages of his career, before embarking on their own musical adventure.

Then there were the films, and associated film soundtracks/singles. Notable among them was the ‘Young Ones’ released in 1961, which Cliff sang the title track for, and ‘Summer Holiday’, which was released in 1963, and featured Cliff on a famous double decker bus with new tyres. His career has also seen him take to the stage in straight theatre, and appear in pantomime.

Music was always at the forefront of Cliff’s career though, especially in the 60’s, when records were churned out at rapid pace. For Cliff, this meant the release of four albums in 1965, after he was voted top male singer by NME readers, two albums in 1966 called ‘Finders Keepers’ and ‘Kinda Latin’, and three albums in 1967. Other achievements included two appearances representing Britain in the Eurovision Song Contest, and in 1971, an Ivor Novello award for ‘Outstanding Services To British Music’.

An impressive number of singles and albums followed, and Cliff can now claim to have had hit singles in every decade since the 50’s. By the time 2008 came around, he had clocked up 1,170 weeks in the charts.

The Shadows played with Cliff until 1969, later coming back for reunions and anniversary concerts, but they were by no means the only people featuring in Cliff’s career. An eclectic range of other musicians, singers, and writers feature, including Olivia Newton John, who he recorded duet ‘Suddenly’ with in 1980, Lionel Bart, who he wrote ‘Living Doll’ with, and regular collaborator Chris Eaton, who wrote ‘Saviours Day’ for Cliff.

This site is a journey into the worlds of Cliff and The Shadows, their joint work, and separate projects. Who could forget Cliff singing at a rain soaked Wimbledon, or receiving his OBE from the Queen. With one of the best known instrumental bands in the UK also involved in Cliff’s career, this is sure to be an interesting story.


  1. Heikki Männistö says:

    Very nice rock band . Good music Finland Linnanmäki -64 !

  2. Terry Christie says:

    Cliff Richard & The Shadows signed to EMI Records on Friday September 12th 1958 with the first record came out as Move It written by the late Ian Samwell and also made the british charts
    peaked at number 2.

    Follow up hits with High Class Baby,Livin’Lovin’Doll,Never Mind,
    Livin’Doll,Travellin’Light,Love,Don’t Be Mad At Me,Fall In Love With You,Please Don’t Tease,Nine Times Out Of Ten,I Love You,
    Gee Whizz It’s You,She’s Gone,A Girl Like You,Snake & The Bookworm,Blue Suede Shoes,Do You Want To Dance,How Long Is Forever,Working After School,One Night,Shrine On The Second Floor,I Live For You,I Want You To Know,It’s You,Lover and True Love Will Come To You.

    The Original Line with Hank B.Marvin,Bruce Welch,Jet Harris & Tony Meehan also to be replaced by John Rostill,Brian Bennett & Brian Locking.

    The Recording Manager of The World Famous EMI Records is the late Norrie Paramor.

    Cliff Richard & The Shadows Are The Great British Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame.

    Terry Christie
    From Sunderland
    Tyne & Wear

  3. Face Britain says:

    Calling all Cliff Richard fans!

    Sir Cliff has very kindly created a self portrait to support Face Britain.

    This portrait will be auctioned to allow disadvantaged children to engage with the arts. It would be fantastic if you could spread the word about Face Britain and his amazing self portrait!

    More info here – http://parents.facebritain.org.uk/press/news/8/30/

  4. John Stuckey says:

    When I was a teenager living in Germany from 1959-1961 (my dad worked for the US Army there)I used to listen to a radio station called Radio Luxembourg and one night Cliff Richard was interviewed and he and the Shadows sang a memorial song about the death of Buddy Holly which they had just written. Even though that was the only time I ever heard that song so long ago, I remember the tune and words to this day. It began “The wind was ablowin’, the snow was asnowin’, when the world said,”Goodbye Buddy”. I’d like to hear the actual song again but can’t locate it. Can you help me? Thanks.

    • Hans says:

      Hi John,
      I have a CD called “Buddy, different views”, which contains 17 songs by or about Buddy Holly and performed by different artists. One of the tracks is called “Tribute to Buddy Holly” by Mike Berry and apparently it was issued in 1961.It begins with the words you mentioned in your message so I presume it’s the song you remember having heard on Radio Luxemburg. You can find it on YouTube !

      Hope this has been helpful to you.

      Best regards,
      Hans (The Netherlands)

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